Why the "O" in the middle?

Once again someone couldn't "find" me because this person was spelling my name with an "a" in the middle instead of the correct "o." Almost no one spells my name correctly without my intervention. Yet people find it off-putting when I correct them (or when I place a note calling attention to the correct spelling in my email signature). Relatives misspell my name. Lifelong friends regularly screw it up. I blame my mother.

My mother liked the name "Yolanda," but she figured that the people in our country southern town would pronounce it "Yo-LAND-a" (like "hand") instead of "Yo-LOND-a" (like "fond") if she spelled it the usual way. The thought of hearing people call me "YoLANDa" made her ears bleed, so she reasoned that if she spelled it with an "o" in the middle, people would see the "o" and pronounce my name correctly. (Why my father didn't just tell her to pick something else because she was making things unnecessarily complicated is beyond me.) Well, thanks to her, I spent most of my formative years being called "Yo-LAND-a" anyway, and everyone misspells my name. Also, I've semi-developed a reputation for being unresponsive to email because people email "YolAnda," I don't get the message, and then they get annoyed with me for not responding to a message that I didn't receive because it wasn't sent to my email address. Since these messages don't bounce back to the sender, I assume there's a "YolAnda Wilson" somewhere who's annoyed by all the email she receives that was intended for me. It might be cool to meet her one day. To recap, my name is "Y-O-L-O-N-D-A Wilson," and it's my mother's fault that I don't use the common spelling. Oh, and my middle name is "Yvette." Thank God she didn't decide to "help" people pronounce it correctly by spelling it with an "E."

(I once looked up my first and middle names in one of those online baby name books. Both are variations of the name "Violet." In a sense, my name is "Violet Violet Wilson." Purple is one of my favorite colors.)    

Enough about me personally. Next post we're doing some philosophy!