2019-2020 National Humanities Center Fellow

News of this fellowship has traveled to unexpected people and places. My friend Heather, with whom I’d lost touch over the years, emailed me to congratulate me and to remind me of the time that she, our friend Andei, and I sat in the parking lot of the National Humanities Center one evening and “put it out into the Universe” that we’d all one day be fellows. And now we all are.

The three of us were out for my birthday dinner (I think it must have been my 30th) and stopped at the NHC on the way home so that Heather could see it. She had never been to the NHC and wasn’t sure where it was, but she knew she wanted a fellowship there. Heather, who was an assistant professor at the time, was selected first. If I remember correctly, she received her fellowship the very next year after that night we talked about it in the parking lot. Andei became a fellow several years later, and now here I am—the woman who, not that long ago, was ready to leave philosophy altogether. I’d completely forgotten about that moment. It’s funny how things work out in the end.