New Beginnings...

This past semester was crazy! Dramatic, soap opera-worthy ups and downs. The most exciting (yet scary) thing that happened was my winning the National Humanities Center fellowship. The countdown to Durham has begun.

Still, I can’t believe that I haven’t posted since February. That changes starting today. I’ll post some philosophy/bioethics, some pop culture stuff, updates on the book (my NHC project), but the most important thing that I’ll do is resume my consistency! Thursday will be my “post” day.

I also need to work on accessibility for the blog (and the website generally). A reader pointed that out to me, and I must correct this error. I want people to be able to enjoy, share, and engage my work. So, here’s the blog. Starting anew. Mere days from Durham!

Thank you for reading or listening!

Yolonda WilsonComment